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Waterfowl Season Dates

Guidelines for late seasons, such as regular duck and goose seasons are available in August and become final in early September - www.dnr.state.md.us for information.

Duck: (6 per day)

Mid-October to Late November

Mid-December to late January

Canada Goose (1 per day):

Mid-November to late November

Mid-December to late January

Snow Goose (15 per day): 

Mid-October through Late January

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¨ Steel shot is mandatory in Maryland.

¨ 12 or 20 gauge guns are recommended.

¨ Magnum shells should be used in shot sizes BB and 2 for geese. Shot sizes 2, 3 or 4 for ducks.

¨ Wear camouflage, dull green or brown clothing. 

¨ Bring rain gear and boots.

¨ When making plans don’t forget there is no Sunday hunting in Maryland.

¨ Lodging, shells, clothing and meals are not included in our rates

¨ Local processors are available to clean your fowl.


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